10 Best Apps For Stargazers

Watching the stars at night feels magical and leaves you awestruck. However, if you are someone who wishes to go beyond just admiring their beauty and want to know more about the solar system then here are the 10 best stargazing apps that you should be checking out:

SkySafari (Get it on iOS here and Android here)
Price: $4.99

Photo via. SkySafari

This app can show you a map of the sky from any location in the world as well as past and future images of celestial bodies up to a million years. How cool is that?  It uses images from the vast collection of NASA spacecrafts and the Hubble Space Telescope and displays all the major planets of our solar system.

Starmap (Get it on iOS here)
Price: $4.99

Photo via. prMac

This app contains a huge collection of stars, galaxies, asteroids and planets. It has a ‘Night’s best selection’, a feature that lets you know what you should be looking out for on any given night and what’s the best location near you to view it.

Pocket Universe (Get it on iOS here)
Price $2.99

Photo via. Youtube

This is one of the best stargazing apps for beginners. All you need to do is to point your phone up to the sky and it identifies all the stars and planets near you. It also suggests dates on which you can best view certain celestial bodies.

It also has quizzes that you can take to increase your knowledge in astronomy.

Solar Walk (Get it on iOS here)
Price $2.99

Photo via. App Annie

This is more of an interactive app and gives you a model of the galaxy so that you can know more about different planets, galaxies and stars. It lets you know their history, orbit and trajectories.

Deluxe Moon HD (Get it on iOS here)
Price $1.99

Photo via. Lifeware Solutions

This is a lunar app as it helps you keep track on the different cycles and phases of the moon. It also shows moonrise and set timings, eclipses and distance from the earth.

Star Walk (Get it on iOS here)
Price: $2.99

Photo via. Amazon

This is the best app for finding different planets through the telescope. All you need to do is to point your phone towards the sky and it shows the exact location of any celestial body you want to view.

Star Chart (Get it on iOS here or Android here)
Price: free

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It’s just like Star Walk app but it’s free. It also shows the sky 10,000 years into the past or future.

Distant Suns (Get it on iOS here or Android here)
Price $3.99

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This is also a point and locate app and has a database of over 300,000 stars.

NASA app (Get it on iOS here or Android here)
Price: free

Photo via. NASA

Get right to the best source when it comes to everything related to space by suing NASA’S official app.

Sky View (Get it on iOS here)
Price: $1.99

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If you want to go beyond just our solar system and see what’s ahead then this app is the one for you. With all the 88 constellations to choose from, you will witness a plethora of astronomical wonders!

So what are you waiting for? Get these apps and start stargazing!