An Astronaut Reveals What Life in Space Is Really Like

Have you ever wondered about how it might feel to live in space?

Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore!

We bring you a slice of space-life, via former NASA Space Consultant, Marsha Ivins. Who is she? This woman has spent fifty-five days in space on the course of five out-of-the-world missions.  

Her experience has made her the perfect source to spill all the beans on an interstellar adventure.

Photo via. National Geographic

So let us embark on an unforgettable space mission:

The Take Off

You have probably seen a rocket taking off on TV right?

There is a sense of urgency and suspense hanging in the air. Then when you think about the numerous pre-launch checks and tests that are happening simultaneously, you’ll feel your head spin.

The scene inside the spaceship is completely different though.

According to Marsha, waiting for takeoff is boring! There is nothing to do when you are strapped as tightly as a baby in a car seat. Therefore, the astronauts spend this time wisely by taking a power nap. Occasionally, they might chime in a ‘Roger that’ or a ‘Loud and Clear’, but that is all they have to do for at least two hours until the shuttle starts to move.

Photo via. NASA Blogs

Later, when you finally do take off the adrenaline kicks in and jolts you up and above into space. The ride out of the launch pad lasts for 8.5 minutes. It accelerates upwards to an orbital velocity of 1700 mph.

No rollercoaster can beat this heart racing stimulation!

May the Force Be With You

When you leave the home base you feel surreal because you can see the whole planet outside your window. Then the zero-g (no gravitational force) hits you, making matters a tad bit uncomfortable.

It is because:

  • Your body fluids move up and give you a massive headache
  • You lose your appetite
  • You feel nauseous

Overall in this abnormal environment, the body pretty much forgets how to function properly. Your brain has to force the body to ‘loosen up’ and act normal.

Camping- Space Shuttle Edition

Photo via. Amazon

On the work front, the job is hectic. Since there are a million tasks to perform and one fatal mistake could jeopardize the whole mission. Nevertheless, with time Marsh realized that this was nothing but a big interstellar camping trip.

She said:

  • With space food you compromise with taste and texture it’s all thermo-stabilized and mostly frozen
  • Her chocolate lost texture and taste up in the air
  • They sleep in strapped up sleeping bags with ankle straps

The Aftermath

Photo via. VOA News

What happens when you get back?

Physically your body takes time to regain its balance and adapt to gravity and movement. On the other hand, mentally, after a day or two on the chaotic busy earth life, you start craving the solitary time you spent with the stars.  

This probably wasn’t the glamorous Star Wars version you had in mind.

Are you still interested in jetting off to space and beyond?